Surgical Instruments Used in General Surgery

General Surgical Instruments

General surgery is a stream that covers wide range of surgeries with subspecialties. Main focus areas of general surgery are abdominal areas including oesophagus, stomach, small bowel, colon, liver, pancreas, gall bladder, bile duct, and often the thyroid gland.

General surgery requires knowledge of a broad spectrum of diseases that require surgical treatment. Instruments used in general surgery can be classified under six broad classes namely Incision Instruments, Grasping or Holding Instruments, Homeostatic Forceps, Retractors, Clamps and Distractors, Suction Instruments and Accessories and Implants.

Surgical Incision Instruments

Surgical Incision Instruments

Incising instruments can be used for making large stein incisions, incising an abscess, a hooked instrument can be used for mucogingival procedure. Other surgical cutting instruments are as follows Taps, Cutters, Blades, Step Core, Rotary and a few more Surgical Instruments at medicomart.

Manufacturers at MedicoMART focus on providing sharp and strong cutting instruments. They try to bring new and innovative products in order to ease the process of surgery.

Grasping / Holding Instruments

A grasping instrument can be used for soft tissue stabilisation or pass suture needle. Grasping instruments can either be toothed or non – toothed.


Forceps can be used to transfer sterile instruments. They can have varied shapes and sizes for their beaks and handles. Depending on their shape they can be used for tasks such as swab holding has long handles, straight beaks fenestrated ends and is used for picking up sterile gauze and transfer it to tray.


Retractors are used for good vision and excess to the affected area. Retractors for soft tissue include Seldin retractor, Minnesota retractor and, Austin retractor.

Suctioning Instruments

Suctioning Instruments

They are used for adequate visualization in the area of surgery. Certain fluids like blood, saliva and irritating solutions are suctioned using these instruments.

A surgical suction has smaller orifice as compared to the usual rapid evacuation of fluid.

Homeostatic Forceps

These are used for controlling excess blood flow in the affected area. The most common type of homeostatic forceps is curved homeostatic forceps. Most clamps used for occluding blood vessels have two opposing serrated jaws that are stabilized by a box lock and controlled by hinged handles.


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