The Scope of Refurbished Medical Equipment In India

Sell or Buy Medical Equipment

Selling or Buying Refurbished Medical Equipment In India

The words used/refurbished carry a negative connotation with them; however, it is important to understand why the demand for such equipment is rising, especially in India’s healthcare community.

New medical equipment with state-of-the-art technology come with a huge price tag. This can have a significant impact on the budget of some hospitals or clinics. However, we believe that financial constraints should not stop any medical establishment from providing the best possible services to its clients or patients. In such situations, used and refurbished equipment are generally considered as ideal alternatives by most parties.

But, even then, the challenge is to find the right product from the right seller at the right price. And this is precisely the problem that MedicoMART strives to solve. Being a market place specifically for medical goods, it offers its users a variety of options – in terms of categories, products, best deals, a host of sellers, etc, to conclude their business as per their convenience and to their satisfaction.

From a national perspective, a well developed Refurbished Medical Equipment market will deliver significantly towards India’s long-held but severely under-achieved objective of ‘Healthcare For All’. An additional benefit is the reduction in Electronic and Toxic waste – important considering UN’s 2014 report ranked India as the 5th Biggest e-waste generator in the world.

The refurbished medical equipment market is estimated reach USD 9 billion to grow with a steady CAGR of 8.2% from 2012 to 2018.This growth is attributed to the high demand of medical imaging refurbished equipment in developed as well as emerging economies like India, China, and Brazil.

  • As per Transparency Market Research’s Report

The recent rise in Medical Tourism coupled with the economy becoming more and more Privatized point towards a highly encouraging Medical Equipment Market in India.

At MedicoMART we recognize the huge demand and need for this market and intend to be at the forefront of delivering on its promise, to ultimately bring a positive change to the overall healthcare sector of our country.

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  • Refurbishing of High end Machines may be taken for the cost effectiveness. Not all Junks which are available at reasonable pricing can be considered for purchase. Small Value refurbished equipment like monitors, defibs,oxymeters, ventilators add to chaos in the medical community as per reality.

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