New Used or Refurbished Sterilization Medical Equipment

Sterilization is a process that effectively kills or eliminates all forms of life and other transmissible agents such as fungi, bacteria, viruses and prisons from a surface, equipment, foods, medications, or other biological culture medium.

One can find various sterilization devices at MedicoMART which are available in new, used or refurbished form.


Ultrasonic SterilizerUltrasonic Sterilizer

Ultrasonic sterilizer is used for ultrasonic cleaning process. This cleaning process requires ultrasound of 20 – 400 kHz and a relevant cleaning agent to clean items. Ultrasonic cleaners or sterilizers can be used for cleaning dental as well as surgical instruments. It is generally accepted that cleaning should be at temperatures below 45 °C (113 °F) to prevent protein coagulation.

Autoclave SterilizerAutoclave Sterilizer

An autoclave is a pressure chamber similar to pressure cooker and is used as a sterilizer in medical industry. It sterilizes medical and laboratory instruments by heating them above boiling point. Generally an autoclave used in smaller clinics is a table top autoclave and is of size of a microwave. Hospitals use larger autoclaves which are termed as horizontal autoclaves. Optimal composition of steam inside an autoclave is supposed to be 3% liquid and 97% gas. Change in the percentage of moisture increases or decreases sterilization time.

Fumigators Fumigators

Fumigators are used to disinfect by exposing an area or object to vapour, smoke or fumes for disinfection. Largely fumigators are used for sterilising large operation theatres, hospital wards, nursing homes and a few more. Fumigators available on MedicoMART are simple to select for appropriate function and easy to use. Using fumigators for sterilizing operation theaters can control the cases of exogenous infection.


Gamma Radiation Sterilization Equipment

Gamma radiation sterilization is mainly used for the sterilization of pharmaceuticals. Gamma radiation delivers a certain dose that can take time for a period of time from minutes to hours depending on the thickness and the volume of the product. To be effective gamma radiation requires time, contact and temperature.

Dressing Drums

Sterilization Dressing drums are made of metal and have round cylindrical or rectangular boxes that are sterilized, and they store sterile dressings, bathrobes and operational linen that is used in Operation Theatre.


MedicoMART has complete range of these products listed on our site with our network of manufacturers, suppliers and distributors all over the country.

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