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Apart from big machines and important permanent equipment present within the hospital premises there is a big list of essential medical supplies and disposables used in hospital or clinical setup. Items such as syringes, catheters, needles, bandages, prosthetic, hearing aids, imaging equipment and films, ECG gel, ultrasound gel, etc are some of the regular use items in all medical clinics.

The list of consumable supplies also includes lot of medical items used in eye and dental treatments.  To name a few such tools are Eye glasses, contact lenses, contact lenses liquid, dental needle, dental scaler, tongue depressor, dental syringes.

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The most important medical disposable items are used during surgeries in operation theaters. Surgical disposable articles list includes sutures, disposable wear, glove, disinfectants, surgical catheters, surgical blades, infusion/transfusion consumables.  As the awareness for hygiene and prevention from transmitted diseases is increasing, so is the volume and scope for use of disposable medical inventory. In tandem with the increase in demand for medical consumables and disposables the pharmaceutical companies are also coming up with new and more efficient supplies. All this ultimately leads to the benefit of consumers. Since the consumer has more variety of choice and also competitive pricing even in essential medical consumables and disposables.

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The situation was not the same some years back when only few top medical industry manufacturers had monopoly in the market. Today the market scenario for items used in hospitals has changed, and this is much for the benefit of consumers. A large percentage of medical industries budget is consist of medical disposable and consumable items, hence its importance can never be overemphasized.  Therefore different marketing strategies are used by pharmaceutical companies to attract hospitals and medical clinics.

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But the presence of online market leaves the game in the hands of the consumers. They can make an informed and wise decision after comparing the features and cost price of products online. If a medical company wants to reach consumers away from their own geographical areas again it is essential they list their products online through a website. This enables buying and selling of medical supplies Indian and international boundaries. The list of Hospital consumables covers not only operational surgeries but many different departments ranging from anesthesia, cardiology, ENT, orthopedic, physiotherapy, ophthalmology, urology, wound care, etc. Latest medical disposable intravenous cannula is used to decrease patients discomfort and stress level. So are other disposable items like surgical medical gloves, waste management products, plastic scissors, plastic mouth piece for endoscopes, plastic tweezers etc. All there products together has brought about a positive revolution in medical industry which is for the benefit of all.

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