Used Radiology Instruments

A list of commonly used radiology instruments and their uses / Radiology instruments and their uses you need to know / 4 radiology instruments you need to know about / Radiology instruments and their uses

Radiology is a technique that uses radiant energy to diagnose and treat diseases found within a human body. Radiology equipment such as Ultrasound equipment, Computed Tomography (C T) Scan machine, X – Ray machine, MRI and Endoscope use imaging techniques to see comprehensive view of body organs.

Here are a few radiology instruments used in medical industry and their common uses;

ctscannerC T Scan

Computed Tomography scan commonly known as CT scan is a large ring shaped machine. It makes use of X-Rays to generate clear and detailed pictures of inside of a human body.

Use: CT scan is used for getting a clear perspective of interiors of body before a surgery. One of the most common uses of CT scan is for brain to determine the cause of a stroke to assess head injuries.

CT scan is also performed in order to diagnose and treat cancer in lungs, liver, pancreas and other parts of the body;it determines presence, size and location of a tumour.



X-ray machineX – Ray Machine

An X – Ray machine uses highly penetrating and electromagnetic waves for taking pictures of dense tissues such as teeth and bones.

Use: X-Rays detect fracture or other injuries in bones, presence of tumour, infection in lungs, kidneys and other organs.






Ultrasound MachineUltrasound Machine

Ultrasound machine which is also known as sonography machine uses imaging methods based on the application of ultrasound. An ultrasound machine operates in the frequency range of 1 to 18 megahertz.

Use:An ultrasound is used in order to view internal body structure such as tendons, muscles, vessels, joints and other internal organs.

Ultrasounds are captured in real-time; they can show the structure and movement of body’s internal organs.






An endoscope is flexible tube attached with a light and a camera. It is equipment which is inserted into the body to give a detailed view of inner parts. It is commonly inserted into body through mouth, anus or a small surgical cut.

Use: An endoscope uses a non-surgical procedure used to see digestive tract of body. It can be used in cases of gastritis, ulcers, digestive tract bleeding to determine its root cause.

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