Understand How To Sell Your Used Medical Equipment Online

Selling Medical Devices online can give you flexibility in running your business, but selling and buying devices online is a tricky business. When one is thinking of selling used medical equipment, make sure that the oldest equipment goes first. Medicomart is one of the best website to buy or sell your used and refurbished medical equipment.

Know your Key Players:

1. The Refurbisher : Many companies buy used equipment, stock them, refurbish them and sell them to different users.

2. The Dealer : Dealers will buy medical equipment and resale them. For example if a hospital has a machine for sale, a Dealer will buy it and organize the re installation and transportation, to a Stocking Dealer or sometimes to Users.

Pricing Factors: There are many factors playing crucial role in deciding prices of equipments.

1. Age/physical condition
2. Cosmetic condition
3. Whether or not the unit is state-of-the-art technology
4. The difficulty associated with re installation and after sale service

Sell or Buy Medical Equipment Using MedicoMART

When you are trying to sell a piece of equipment, you need to have a Reserve Price in mind. If your price is fair, your equipment will sell otherwise no one can interested to buy your equipment. The closer a product is placed to Fair Market Value, the larger the pool of interested buyers. Keep in mind that making money is the business of the Stocking Dealers, Dealers, as well as Brokers. If they cannot make money, they will not buy your product.

Give more information about your product, for example if medical device you are selling is used every day, and is currently under a service contract, or has not given you any problems, do share that. More pictures of your product will give a better idea to the buyer. Communicate with the buyer on regular basis till your product gets sold. Communication over emails (in writing) avoids confusions.

Sell or Buy Medical Equipment To have a better return on your product you can also associate with various online portals for example, MedWow, LabX, Quick Medical, DotMed, MedShop etc. outside India or in India MedicoMART which is one of the largest online platform for selling and buying Medical Equipment.

At last, rate the seller if you are a buyer and vice versa, is one of the most valuable tools on internet.

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